Economic Products

SpaceKnow has been using satellite data to understand the economy since our inception in 2014. With access to the world’s most comprehensive collection of earth observation imagery, proprietary ML/AI algorithms, and a seasoned team of engineers and scientists, we provide traders, portfolio managers, corporate strategists, economists, and governments a unique view from above.

Our Economic Products, known as SpaceKnow Nowcasting Solutions, consist of four product suites, each providing high frequency near real-time activity data across a variety of countries and industries. In this uncertain time, SpaceKnow helps customers know what’s happening on the ground, as observed from Space.

SpaceKnow Nowcasting Solutions

There is no opinion or bias in our data. Just the truth as seen from space. Our data sets fall into one of four product suites:

SK Industry Radar

Dig deep into an industry
Analyzes billions of images to produce daily data
Uses 24-hour, all-weather SAR imagery
State-of-the-art SpaceKnow technology
Cross-comparable between countries and industries
Stay ahead of the current as the world changes

SK Commodities

Detailed activity levels by location for a commodity
Long history (most start in 2000)
Available daily
Covers production, refining and scrap sites

SK Pollution

Air quality measurements around the world
Uses data from ESA’s Sentinel-5P satellite
SK checks data quality and provides easy to use products

SK Optix

Uses heat signature to capture overall activity
Long history (most start in 2000)
SK adjusts for cloud cover and removes data not useful for analysis
Available weekly and monthly
Uses optical imagery from several satellite providers

Stay light years ahead of the competition.

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