Measure carbon sequestration, track changes and risks, monitor deforestation and reforestation, and assess greenhouse gases. Manage your sustainability goals with SpaceKnow’s transparent, cutting edge and user-friendly tools.

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Get accurate, independent and timely satellite data to measure and report on your environmental efforts.

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Reduce your risk exposure in today's unpredictable world by using high-frequency satellite monitoring.

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Use SpaceKnow Green for independent measurements and verification of your projects.

Use the power of space-based insights to provide intelligence on nature and the environment.

SpaceKnow Green

Measurement Tools for Environmental Projects

Using remote sensing and artificial intelligence, SpaceKnow provides accurate calculations of ground biomass and carbon sequestration potential, equipping stakeholders with precise data for informed decision making. SpaceKnow does not sell or originate projects. Our technology is unbiased and fact-driven.

Our tools are not a black box; we provide measurements and transparency throughout our workflow. Each step described below is accessible to our customers.

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Science based. Transparent. Accessible.

Data Processing
Data processing
Geospatial mapping of all available projects. SpaceKnow collects imagery from 10+ satellite constellations to create a comprehensive overview of each project.
Additionality Validation
With jurisdictional level context capture deforestation trends providing an objective view on additionality.
Dynamic Baseline Calculation
Utilizing a toolset of 118+ EO and SAR algorithms, SpaceKnow calculates a dynamic baseline, as a benchmark for project performance and potential.
Leakage Area Monitoring
SpaceKnow verifies and monitors leakage areas, using state-of-the-art technology to detect and shifts or changes that may impact the project's carbon sequestration.
Permanence Check
Monitor the project region for natural disaster based events and quantify risk.
Carbon Credit Verification
Calculate the appropriate amount of carbon credits for the given project.
SpaceKnow GHG Monitor

Greenhouse gas monitoring

Evaluating pollutants in over 600 regions globally, every day. Utilizing advanced satellite imagery, we create a comprehensive snapshot of worldwide pollution levels.

Beyond tracking, our approach uncovers environmental trends and offers detailed insights. This allows us to pinpoint fluctuations in pollutant levels, providing valuable data to inform action against environmental challenges.

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Custom solutions

Monitor, measure, and manage your environmental needs with SpaceKnow's cutting edge solutions.

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