SpaceKnow and IMALBES announce partnership aimed at forest monitoring

SpaceKnow and IMALBES are pleased to announce a new partnership aimed at advancing forest measurement and monitoring.

The IMALBES project (Integrated Modeling and Assessment of Landscape, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services), a collaborative effort led by researchers from the Department of Geoinformatics at Palacký University in Olomouc and Department of Ecosystem functional analysis of the Landscape at CzechGlobe — an institution under the Czech Academy of Sciences — is dedicated to understand how global change impacts ecosystem functioning. The project aims to advance sustainable environmental practices by utilizing diverse spatial scales and methodological approaches.

In partnership with IMALBES, SpaceKnow embarks on an ambitious mission to advance forest measurement and monitoring technologies on a global scale. This collaboration combines the scientific expertise of IMALBES with SpaceKnow’s cutting-edge capabilities in remote sensing and artificial intelligence, creating a synergistic relationship dedicated to addressing critical environmental challenges. Together, SpaceKnow and IMALBES will collaborate on a range of initiatives, including the assessment of carbon stocks, the quantification of aboveground biomass, the evaluation of oxygen production, and the analysis of biodiversity, among other areas. By combining our respective strengths, the two organizations will develop innovative methodologies to enhance our understanding of forest ecosystems and their role in mitigating climate change.

This partnership represents a collaborative effort to drive positive change in environmental conservation. By leveraging our combined expertise, the advancements in forest measurement and monitoring technologies have the potential to significantly contribute to broader initiatives aimed at addressing climate change and preserving biodiversity. With a commitment to transparency at its core, our partnership ensures that stakeholders have access to reliable and accurate data, empowering informed decision-making and fostering trust in our collective efforts.

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