Machine Learning Engineer for Geospatial AI

SpaceKnow is a company that harnesses the potential of space data by identifying and categorizing features, objects, and trends through Earth observation satellite constellations. By utilizing machine learning, signal processing, and computer vision techniques, SpaceKnow offers near real-time analytics of imagery for any location on Earth. SpaceKnow’s product portfolio encompasses various market verticals, including defense and intelligence, as well as economic indices based on monitoring industrial activities. SpaceKnow Nowcasting Solutions provides insights derived from continuous monitoring of over 250,000 industrial, retail, logistics, transportation, and storage sites. The SpaceKnow Guardian® analytics cloud platform grants unified access to the world’s largest and ever-growing collection of satellite imagery. Our vision is to index the physical world and empower users with near-real-time, large-scale analysis to facilitate decision-making and promote transparency.

Join our team of passionate Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists to advance the state of the art in machine learning and data science for satellite image processing. Help us enhance our products and services.


  • Self-motivation, creativity, critical thinking, and willingness to learn and tackle challenging tasks.
  • Software development experience in Python for image processing or data science (agile development, software version control, rapid prototyping).
  • Proficiency in data analysis and signal processing, with the ability to independently prototype algorithms in Python.
  • Capability to conduct exploratory data analysis for time-series data, evaluate statistical models (including deep neural networks), and critically assess datasets.
  • Master’s or PhD degree in computer science, remote sensing, signal processing, or a related field.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.


  • Designing and implementing algorithms for processing and automated analysis of radar (SAR) and multispectral satellite imagery.
  • Conducting applied research in the field of geospatial artificial intelligence, employing supervised and unsupervised techniques.
  • Rapid prototyping of data products using Python.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

  • Experience with radar (SAR) and/or multispectral satellite images.
  • Experience with computer vision.
  • Experience with geospatial data and GIS tools.
  • Experience with ESA research projects.

By joining SpaceKnow, you will become a part of a young team comprising talented and highly motivated individuals who strive to make a significant impact on the world while enjoying the journey.

Feel free to share links to your project contributions or any other relevant work.

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