DevOps Engineer (Python, Linux)

SpaceKnow provides transparency to global changes and trends by combining the world’s largest collection of satellite imagery with a proprietary artificial intelligence engine. Our vision is to index the physical world and empower users with near-realtime large-scale analysis to drive decision making.

The main engineering task in SpaceKnow is developing and operating a Kubernetes-native highly scalable analytics platform.

If you are interested in designing and operating highly available Kubernetes clusters, you pride yourself in having robust monitoring and logging set-up in your clusters and you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty with low level issues. Join a team of motivated engineers working on cutting edge solutions that (literally) influence the world.

About the Role:

  • helping us create easy-to-deploy and easy-to-operate Kubernetes clusters (either on premises or in a public cloud environment)
  • improving our CI/CD pipelines
  • helping with other system design challenges we face

Required Skills:

  • strong understanding of Kubernetes (being able to deploy a whole cluster with all support services – logging, monitoring, etc…)
  • strong understanding of Linux ecosystem (systemd, iptables, Docker…)
  • solid understanding of networking (VPNs, TLS, firewalls, DNS, routing…)
  • being familiar with git 
  • being familiar with some of the major public cloud ecosystems (GCP, AWS…)
  • being familiar with automation tools (e.g. Ansible, Jenkins, CircleCI…)
  • basic understanding of databases – to be able to deploy and operate them. There are various (NoSQL and SQL) databases in our stack.
  • basic scripting skills (Python, bash…)

What Sets You Apart:

  • having extensive experience with Google Cloud Platforms
  • programming experience in Python
  • having experience with designing and operating HW stacks (switches, firewalls, server units, GPU pools)

Do not hesitate to send links of your contributions to FOSS projects or of any other relevant work.

Joining Spaceknow, you will join a young team of talented and highly motivated people who strive to make an impact on the world but also have fun along the way.

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