SpaceKnow Guardian

State-of-the-art AI-based Imagery Intelligence software for automated analysis of satellite imagery used by the most advanced militaries around the world.

We have developed an ultimate IMINT platform with 80+ proprietary, high-precision algorithms

Used for object detection and classification, change detection, land segmentation, and other cutting-edge features.

High scalability

The way Guardian is built enables you to monitor thousands of areas globally and in near real-time.

Superior capability in object detection and classification

We have partnered with European Space Agency and satellite imagery providers to develop algorithms with unprecedented precision.

Guardian is able to detect land equipment, ships, and aircraft, as well as classify the objects up to a specific model.

All-weather, day and night constant monitoring

Utilizing both optical sensors and synthetic aperture radar technology, Guardian allows you to detect objects and change constantly, day-time/weather independent.

Advanced features tailored to your needs

Change detection

Guardian can automatically compare two and more images detecting and highlighting any changes, giving you valuable information about behavior patterns and military activity.

Automated monitoring & alert feature

Guardian will automatically monitor any number of places around the world, detecting objects, tracking changes, sending you regular reports on the activity, and notifying you immediately once a hostile activity is detected.

Tip & Cue surveillance

Use Guardian to surveil vast areas for hostile activity with low-cost/free imagery. Acquire high-resolution imagery for detailed area analysis. col

Easy to use, informative interface

Guardian’s dashboard features charts, graphs, and military equipment directory. It allows you to ingest and filter imagery, visualize data, apply and combine algorithms, and much more…

All in a very intuitive, user-friendly way.

Ready to get started?

Subscribe and access cloud-based Guardian immediately via your personal laptop.

In case you are looking for a red-zone deployment, have Guardian delivered as an on-premise solution.

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