We’re SpaceKnow and we’re on a mission to index the physical world.

SpaceKnow empowers decision-makers with ultra large-scale planetary analysis. Our secret? A proprietary, AI-powered analytics engine, combined with the world’s most comprehensive collection of earth observation imagery.


Media Inquiries & Press Kit

Founded in 2014, San Francisco-based SpaceKnow has a singular goal: making our world more transparent for everyone. Member of the media? Contact us at info@spaceknow.com

Company Timeline

  • GEOINT Symposium 2017

    San Antonio, Texas June 4, 2017

San Francisco-based SpaceKnow Raises $4M in Funding

SpaceKnow funding round leads to $4M investment from venture capital firm, BlueYard.

4m milestone image

SpaceKnow Africa Night Light Index Released

The goal of SpaceKnow Africa Night Light Index is to provide reliable economic indicators for African countries.

Africa milestone image

SpaceKnow Launches China Satellite
Manufacturing Index

Giving unbiased insight into China’s economy through AI-powered analysis of over 6,000 industrial sites.

China milestone image

SpaceKnow Counts 460 Million Cars per day

Advanced AI hits new milestone as it now counts over 460 million cars per day.

460m milestone image

SpaceKnow is Founded

Co-founders Jerry Javornicky and Pavel Machalek start their mission to bring transparency to the world through advanced satellite image analysis.

SpaceKnow is founded milestone image