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We provide our users with the capability to count cranes in construction zones and receive the precise GPS coordinates of each. Cranes represent construction, urban growth and economic activity. SpaceKnow uses ‘machine learning’ to create algorithms that detect trends in satellite imagery received from our providers like Planet, Airbus, and Digitalglobe. The images here are taken directly from our platform using satellite imagery with object detection. Once a user has chosen a specific area on the map they are able to select a number of objects to detect and track such as cranes, trucks, roads and more.

If a user is interested in ongoing construction sites or urban development for example, they can visualize them over a period of time on our platform. They are also able to download the images as a PNG, the data via CSV files, or by exporting the region via GeoJSON.

See Crane Detection in Action

SpaceKnow looked at the ongoing construction in Seattle, Washington, which was reported to have one of the highest crane counts in the United States. Seattle was at the top of the list for crane counts, indicating increasing urban growth from ongoing construction.

An example on our platform:

Crane Detection in Seattle

This was taken in the city of Seattle and shows how our timeline can provide imagery along with analytics and the exact locations of cranes with the crane count and available as exportable CSV data.  

Images appear on our timeline from our providers the images are then run through almost instantaneous algorithm detection to locate/highlight the cranes, with the number of cranes available on the timeline. The platform is designed to give users the ability of seeking and finding virtually any trend or detection available.

By using our platform with the timeline activated, the arc and progress of construction in a region can be calculated down to individual cranes. The progress of construction in developing metropolitan areas can be seen over time.

Shown here is an example of crane detection at Krestovsky Stadium, officially Saint-Petersburg Stadium. We looked at crane detection during the construction period prior to the FIFA games. 

Crane Detection in a Construction Site in New York

This video, taken from our platform, shows how a user can interact with the platform once the analysis has been performed and the results are ready. The analysis was run in New York, four cranes are detected on June 21, 2017 with an increase on July 9, 2017 to six cranes. By July 8, 2018 there is only one crane visible and construction appears to be completed.

How Cranes Reveal Economic Growth

SpaceKnow would like to help consumers detect cranes to determine not only ongoing construction but also the rise of activity in metropolitan areas. We are able to search in specific regions and develop algorithms to detect cranes and other earth moving equipment. Using our crane detection you will be able to see on a timeline images from any month or year.

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