SpaceKnow Guardian for Construction Monitoring

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction, ensuring quality, accuracy, and timely progress is paramount. This is where SpaceKnow Guardian construction monitoring services come into play. Our platform provides comprehensive oversight of all aspects of construction, identified during your due diligence phase, and offers detailed reports, updates, and advice to give you complete project control. The use of satellite imagery allows you to monitor your construction progress from anywhere at any time.

Save More Time and Money

SpaceKnow Guardian monitors and supervises your construction plan to ensure it is working effectively, promoting continuous improvement and on-site productivity. This approach not only enhances the quality of the construction but also boosts overall efficiency, leading to significant time and cost savings.

One of the significant advantages of construction monitoring with satellite imagery is the ability to address problems before and as they arise. By identifying potential issues early on, our team can help you implement solutions that prevent delays and additional costs, ensuring the project stays on track.

Our construction monitoring services are versatile and can be applied to a wide range of projects. Whether you’re involved in architectural endeavors, shopping mall construction, rail, roads, airports, or even nuclear and power plants, our team has the expertise to oversee and ensure the quality and accuracy of your project.

Streamlined Construction Monitoring Services

Our construction monitoring services streamline the construction process for our clients and stakeholders. Here’s how we ensure effective site monitoring with the help of satellite imagery and in-house developed AI algorithms:

  • General Description of Project Progress: SpaceKnow Guardian compares the current progress with your contract schedule to provide an accurate overview.
  • Current Phase of Construction: SpaceKnow Guardian keeps you updated on the current phase and next steps.
  • Safety and Encroachment: SpaceKnow Guardian allows you to beware of all new structures or vehicles in a predefined perimeter around the site.
  • Access to Environmental Compliance Data: SpaceKnow Guardian provides access to a portfolio of algorithms you can utilize to comply with environmental standards 
  • Monitor manpower and its utilization: SpaceKnow Guardian enables users to upload third-party data and integrate it with satellite imagery analytics

Incorporating SpaceKnow Guardian construction monitoring services into your project management strategy is a smart move that saves time, money, and resources. With our satellite imagery specialist teams overseeing every aspect, you can be assured of a successful, high-quality construction project.

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