Discover Beyond the Horizon

We're providing a comprehensive view of the oil and gas industry, enabling you to make informed decisions with unparalleled accuracy


Information Service from Space

See what's happening on land, in open water, and basically everywhere, regardless of the weather conditions

Monitoring & Reporting

Decision making based on near-real-time information

Automatically monitor numerous locations worldwide, detecting objects and tracking changes

Alerting system

From Automatic Detection to Swift Response

Tasking ordered -> Imagery succesfully loaded -> Analysis completed -> Notification

Incident Detection

Swift response triggered by satellite image acquisition

Automatic Analysis

Imagery processed for immediate insights

User Alert

Instant notifications via various channels for quick awareness

Act accordingly

Satellite analysis accessible for enhanced situational understanding

About us

Together we are providing actionable intelligence by fusing satellite imagery data with advanced statistics, machine learning, and industry expertise.

Space Guardian is a joint venture between Saudi FRONT END and Czech SpaceKnow companies

Dr. Faisal N. Al-Fadhel

Dr. Faisal N. Al-Fadhel

Director – Business Development AI Autonomous Systems & Space

Dr. Faisal N. Al-Fadhel

Jerry Javornicky

CEO of SpaceKnow

Meet us at IPTC 2024

Stand: 6140, OS46

Dr. Faisal N. Al-Fadhel

Nikola Fuksa

Product Manager

Dr. Faisal N. Al-Fadhel

Ondrej Santora

Business Development Manager