Information Service from Space

Unrivaled and uncompromising tool to strengthen asset security

Monitoring of Areas out of CCTVs and other in-situ means of monitoring

Information can be obtained in close to real-time and at high scalability

Our platform was created by experienced specialists with a multi-disciplinary approach to satellite imagery and AI

Multiple data providers and numerous unique detection algorithms, Guardian can meet all of your requirements

Maritime & Port Safety with Advanced Ships Analytics

Baltic Sea
Type of Location
Gas Undersea Pipeline
Radar, Optical Imagery & AIS

To have an overview of what ships are moving near your infrastructure, port, and adjacent lands, Space Guardian Saudi has integrated a system branded as an automatic identification system (AIS). This information is crucial for operational authorities to coordinate and carry out effective maritime domain awareness (MDA). Our artificial intelligence, which can recognize civil ships, patrol boats, and warships, will take care of the correct classification of the type of ship.

Guardian platform "alerts" the customer that an unidentified ship (without the official AIS system) is heading to the customer's area, which may be potentially dangerous.

Possible Illegal Transshipment Spot

Trojena Camp Pioneer, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Buildings Construction
Optical & Radar Imagery

Building large and visionary constructions can be challenging from many points of view, especially in remote areas without surveillance by CCTV cameras. The scalability and accuracy of our algorithms guard the entire area of ​​interest without the need to be physically onsite. 

As in the case of Trojna Camp, when our algorithms detect the presence of cars and trucks in a remote area, located almost a kilometer away from the main construction area.

Guardian platform "alerts" the customer that truck vehicles have been detected outside the main construction area, which may be potentially caused by illegal transshipment activity.

Possible Illegal Constructions

Tabuk Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Automatic Analysis of 1 991 km2
Optical & Radar Imagery

There is a need for supervision in dynamically developing areas to ensure that other property owners' rights are not violated. With Space Guardian Saudi, inspection processes can be automated and accelerated in a wider area, such as Tabuk Province, where a comparison of 2023 with 2016 was performed on an area of 1991 square kilometers.

By thoroughly examining all the identified "hot spots," the client can be assured that the changes do not relate to illegal construction or another land rights law.