Global Activity Monitoring
and Economic Nowcasting

Macro monitor of global economies
with a specific focus on the impact of coronavirus

Activity Monitoring

SpaceKnow monitors tens of thousands of locations globally in near real time using a variety of space based sensors. The SpaceKnow advantage is our AI/ML based technology to analyze billions of observations to study changes at locations. Those ‘changes’ are multiple forms of activity that range from factory output to movement of product through supply chain points to construction or production at oil wells, ports, mines or any location that can be observed from space.

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Countries Covered So Far

Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea
The chart below shows that the normally highly polluted regions in China have been cleared up dramatically in February as industry came to a halt.
Activity monitoring

Location-Specific Knowledge

SpaceKnow’s location database has classifications of location-specific knowledge that allows clients to query activity at a ‘topic’ level (coal facilities, oil wells, etc). Clients can also provide locations of interest (ex. the points of a specific company or product supply chain) and SpaceKnow data can be accumulated at those locations.

Activity Measurement Indices

SpaceKnow’s Astronomics Product suite is about measuring change at locations. We offer a number of specific activity indices to measure activity:

Broad Activity Index
a normalized difference index of activity
Source = infrared sensors
Specific Activity Index
specific change algorithms run at each location
Source = radar
Nighttime Activity Index
luminosity of locations nightly
Source = optical imagery
Pollution Activity Index
proxy for industrial activity that measures NO2 and other environmental gases
Source = gas sensor satellite
Human Activity Index
small area human activity measured via cell phone movement data (city or smaller aoi)
Source = cell phone data

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Combining monitoring factors - Model of Activity

SpaceKnow combines the different activity measures to create models to estimate economic or other activity benchmarks. We offer models that track and forecast the following:

  • GDP
  • Industrial Production and Purchasing Managers Surveys of Factory Output (PMIs)
  • Trade (Exports, Imports)
  • Electricity Consumption
  • Housing (starts and completions)
  • other topics that have publically available benchmarks


Models are designed to serve a specific purpose and can be bespoke designs to answer specific client questions.

Quantifying the change of luminosity to capture the trend of economic activity
Activity monitoring

Example Data

Pollution Activity IndexSpecific Activity Index trendSpecific Activity Index YoY
Pollution Activity IndexSpecific Activity Index trendSpecific Activity Index YoY
China - Guangdong
Latest trends

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Accessible Satellite imagery Analysis as never before

Satellite Imagery technology used to be available only to governments and big corporates in the past. We changed it.

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